A Little About Me

A little about me… I really do love all things letters – great handwriting, calligraphy, fonts, or just fun doodling.  It began with a desire to develop good penmanship way back in elementary school.  I also love to draw.  I’m a very happy girl now that I’ve combined these two loves with yet another love of quality art supplies (here I must confess that I am an art supply snob that also goes way back to elementary school – Crayola are the only crayons that I will use)!

I’m a reformed computer programmer.  I now loathe sitting in front of a computer for hours – pinterest & etsy do not count : )  I’m also a design & architecture junkie.  Not to mention wife and mother of four boys, all of whom have their own interests and could not care less what a flying buttress, lambrequin or blue pumpkin nib are.