Interested in a monogram?


Hello & welcome to my artwork!

I’m Carol Colvin and I create all these monograms by hand using archival pen & ink, pencil, colored pencil, etc. on archival paper or illustration board – no computer graphics involved.  Most people selling monograms online are making vector images of designs from clipart books. There’s nothing wrong with that – most have permission to reproduce the designs.  I love those books and own more than my fair share.  They mostly have two letter combinations and are very limited in three (or more) letter monograms.  I pull lots of ideas from those designs.  But here, these are my original creations.  No copying here.  They are commissioned artworks based mostly on Victorian engravers’ style.

Most of these examples fit in a 16×20 frame, but we can discuss whatever you need.  I have them scanned and digitized so that the images can then be used for other items like wedding invitations.  In fact, monograms make gorgeous and elegant wedding logos.  An artwork like this also make a great anniversary gift.

As far as pricing goes, most 3 letter monograms that measure around 13×17 (to fit in that 16×20 frame) run about $600.  But being truly custom makes the options limitless and those affect pricing.  Please feel free to contact me at  You can also contact me through my Etsy store – .  More pricing ideas and lots of other info is there as well.  I would love to work with you to create a beautiful and unique piece of art to cherish forever.

For individuals, I need the first, middle and last initials and gender. For couples, I need to know the first initials of the bride and groom and the initial of the last name. I always try the make the bride’s name more feminine, the groom’s more masculine and the last initial more dominant.

Copyright remains property of the artist.  I will grant you written permission to use the artwork on things like wedding invitations, etc, but it must requested in writing and clients are never given permission to copy or reproduce the artwork in any way.